We build experiences to elevate and empower organizations.

We help companies build meaningful experiences

We are a select group of senior product designers and developers focused on getting meaningful experiences out to market as early as possible.

Our team brings decades of experience through their work with brands such as Thomson Reuters, Deutsche Bank, Verizon, AOL, Uber, Siemens, and Zumba.

Case Study

Veta Health

Veta Health is a healthcare delivery and wellness management app that enables patients and providers to be equal partners, co-producing better health outcomes together. VH offers an EHR-integrated, HIPPA-compliant software solution that brings personal health data into a clinical setting, providing real-time, actionable insights to improve care delivery and patient outcomes in an out-patient setting.


Enterprise Training

Cross.Team's enterprise training approach combines in-person instruction and online learning with relevant content and an adaptive curriculum. Training modules are created by industry professionals. An active, hands-on approach ensures participants ask questions, challenge themselves, and work with teammates to tackle real world challenges. Participants leave the classroom with the confidence and skills to apply their learnings and solve meaningful problems in the workplace.